Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Teri Chahat Se Nighahoon Mein Hayaa Thi Warna

Teri chahat se nighahoon mein hayaa thi warna
Kitne muntzir thy gunahgaar banane wale

Sunoo Itne Bhi Pyaare Nahi Ho Tum Bass

Sunoo...! itne bhi pyaare nahi ho tum bass
Meri chahat ne tumhain sar pe charha rakha hai

Mein Tere Pyar Ka Armaan Liye Betha Hoon

Mein tere pyar ka armaan liye betha hoon
Tu kisi orr ko chahe kabhi khuda na kare

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ainah Dekh Ker Tasali Huwee

Ainah Dekh Ker Tasali Huwee
Hum Ko Iss Ghar Mein Janta Hai Koi

Hum Ko Iss Ghar Mein Janta Hai Koi

Uth Ker To Aa Gaye Hain Teri Bazzm Se Mager

Uth Ker To Aa Gaye Hain Teri Bazzm Se Mager
Kuchh Dil Hi Janta Hai Kis Dil Se Aye Hain

Kuchh Dil Hi Janta Hai Kis Dil Se Aye Hain

Uss Ne Bhi Dard e Hijjer Muqader Mein Likh Dia

Uss Ne Bhi Dard e Hijjer Muqader Mein Likh Dia
Mein Ne Bhi Bhejh Di Hai Judai Jawaab Mein

Mein Ne Bhi Bhejh Di Hai Judai Jawaab Mein

Udaas Ankhain, Zard Chehra, Dil Bhuja Sa, Khiyaa e yaara'n

Udaas Ankhain, Zard Chehra, Dil Bhuja Sa, Khiyaa e yaara'n
Ye Marz Muddatoo Se Mere Sath Pal Rahe Hain
Ye Marz Muddatoo Se Mere Sath Pal Rahe Hain

Shaam Hotye Hi Charaghoo'n Ko Bhujha Deta Hoon

Shaam Hotye Hi Charaghoo'n Ko Bhujha Deta Hoon
Dil Hi Kafi Hai Teri Yaad Mein Jalne Ke Liye
Dil Hi Kafi Hai Teri Yaad Mein Jalne Ke Liye

na ker aye tabeeb! na'kaam koshish'ye mere dard ko samjhne ki

Na Ker Aye Tabeeb! Na'kaam Koshish'ye Mere Dard Ko Samjhne Ki
Tu Pehlye Ishq Ker, Phir Chot Kha, Phir Likh Mere Dard Ki Dua

tu pehlye ishq ker, phir chot kha, phir likh mere dard ki dua

log shamil thy or bhi lakin

Log Shamil Thy Or Bhi Lekin
Dil Teri Koshisho Se Tota Hai

dil teri koshisho se  totta hai

Tum Ne Chup Reh Ker Sitam Orr Bhi Dhaya Mujh Per

Tum Ne Chup Reh Ker Sitam Orr Bhi Dhaya Mujh Per
Tum Se Achhe Hain Mere Haal Pe Hansne Waale

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Jurte Hue Dekha Nahi Toote Hue Dil ko

Jurte Hue Dekha Nahi Toote Hue Dil ko,
Gir Jaye Jo Aansu To Uthaye Nahi Jaate.....!!

jurte hue dekha nahi

Friday, January 22, 2016

A Child's Pain

Author: candykid

I love to see a child cry...
When it's tears of joy pouring from their eyes...
I love to see a child die...
When it's laughter that causes the dying inside...

I love to see a child in pain...
If it's just from the loss of their new toy plane...
I love the sound of a child's screams...
When they wake up realizing it was just bad dreams....

I will cradle you with my comforting arms...
Keeping you safe from the pains and the harms...
I will wash away all your pains of the day...
No matter what you may do or may say....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A Child's Pain

Monday, November 23, 2015

my shadow man

Author: Bludylasky

You've been with me through it all
When it turned dark you stayed
When I gave birth to death
You cradled my hurt away

When I pierced my skin
You raged through my veins
And when I finally slept
You haunted my restless dreams

When men refused to listen
To my pointless no's
You gave me pleasure to the pain
Behind their frightful blows

On the streets, You protected me
You gave me inner strength
Back at home you saved me
From that horrid beast

And when I was so little
You were like a loving dad
Too bad your just a fantasy
Dirty thoughts inside my head
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A September Day Tribute ( 911 )

Author: godsprincess
It’s happening again this September
The echo of the cries of 3,000 souls
So very difficult in mind’s eye to remember
The emotional drain each year takes a toll

The sights and sounds of buildings falling
Trying to fly like birds on the wind
Tortures the souls of those remaining
Wishing the memories would be dimmed

The definition of 911 forever changed
Heroes and murderers were born that day
Each in their own way coming to fame
Both facing burning Hell come what may

The murderers are still there to this day
Leaving others with tortuous memories
The Heroes were able to fly away
Facing Hell they left legendary stories

Stories revisited each and every year
For some these stories are of brave men and women
Others the memories still recreate the fear
As each of these visions is summoned

For me I think of 3,000 new stars in the sky
Each one winking at me from above
As I look at them way up high
I send each and every one of them my love
The 911 stories

Reflection Pool

Author: godsprincess

Roses floating in a pool of sorrow
A pool reflecting no more tomorrows
Sadness gripping all those around
Loved ones gone no more to be found

Every year they gather to remember
What happened on the 11th of September
Memories of horror and fear
Watching from afar the deaths of their dears

Helplessness and anguish prevailed
The air was filled with mourning wails
The children of the beloved wished revenge
In honor of those who were dead

Years and Years have passed since that day
Many more have died far away
Revenge has not taken away the tears
Nor the memories of the fear

Beautiful blue sky and crisp fall breeze
Reminds us every Fall with a cruel tease
Of that fateful day many years ago
When evil visited and left a big hole in our souls

Sunday, September 13, 2015

aankh se aansou nikle

Raah takte huwe jab thak gain aankhain meri

Phir tujhe dhoondne meri aankh se aansou nikle...

aankh se aansou nikle

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Meri Needdhain Chouri Hogai

Lainay de mujhe tu apney khayaaloun ki talaashi…

Meri neendhain chouri hogai hain mujhe shak hai tujh par…

Meri Needdhain Chouri Hogai

Bharosa Nahi Karne Deti

Tere waadon par bharosa nahi karne deti

Tere pehlo main kisi aur ki khushboo...

Bharosa Nahi Karne Deti

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Life Is A Gift

Author: lindsyjones
enjoy your time
laugh whenever you can
even if the world thinks 
you're absolutely out of your mind

life is short
you're here and before long
you're gone
smile, let the sun shines in your face
smell the roses...
even if your allergy is killing you
dance in the rain
it feels invigorating

most of all be thankful
we are here
on this planet..
for a very short time...

enjoy living even if 
most of the time
we're like pounded 
and buried in the sand

be grateful, be mindful
life is a gift..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Friday, August 21, 2015

Wait The Sun

Wait The Sun

Author: niah9
Damp overcast, the chill is real
Could a sun shine, if clouds peel
To expose a sky, of clear blue
Lift winter's grey, to summer hues

Spindles of branches, add to feel
Causing shivers, no sun to heal
Wind driven air, whips with cold
Spirits hollow, as rain acts bold

Seasons give physical, seal to life
Moods change, as a slash of a knife
Time must pass, as heat gains power
Returns-engulfs, turns buds to flowers

Within seasons, life can be renewed
Nourishes-builds, nature's given food
Stirs senses, a gift of earth's love
As from the heavens, sun-shines-above
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Wait The Sun

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mein Musaafir Hoon

Mein musaafir hoon kisi roaz tou jaana he mujhe

 Koi samjhae usse meri tamanna na kiya kare

Mein Musaafir Hoon

Ishq Ki Intihaa

Tere ishq ki intihaa chahta hoon

meri saadgi daikh kiya chahta hoon

Ishq Ki Intihaa

Main Wabasta Bss Tum Se Hoon

Na jaane koun si hadood takk hai meri chahatoun ka silsilaah

Bss itna jaan lo ke mein wabasta bss tum se hoon

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tell Me Why

Tell me why

Author: Abby1963
why did you lie
You know you made me cry
With you I really did give it a try
Why did you say all was ok
You said I was number one in your heart
why did you lie
I told you your breaking my heart
You said you were sorry
You wouldn't do it agin
Why did you lie
We had so many laughs
We were like two little kids
Dancing a jig
You said we make a good team
You kissed me so lovingly
Why did you lie
You text me everyday
Always wanting to go out and play
I gave you my all
I asked you to not let me fall
You continued to have your own private ball
Tell me why did you lie
This evening you didn't return my tests
I knew you were with her again
Why did you lie
You said you lost your phone
To trust you
Why did you lie
You told me you were a good strong Christian man
Why did you lie
Not going to waste my time saying good bye
I'm gonna have a good cry
Try to put this all behind me
I deserve a man who doesn't lie
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Moon bow


Author: godsprincess
Lightning flashed in the sky
Causing her to utter a frightened cry
Thunder followed with a roar
As the waves crashed upon the shore

It was night and very dark
She shook and her heart was beating hard
Feeling like a small child again
She could hear her heart over the wind

The storm began to wane
There was no more sound of rain
The clouds began to clear
Low on the horizon the moon appeared

But wait – there was a bright white arc in the sky
Looking up at the dark as a background with a sigh
She knew at once the arc was a white rainbow
Lighting up the sky with a bright white halo

Feeling blessed to have seen this rare gift
She went out and watched it from the cliff
Knowing she was no longer alone
For her Father’s love to her was shown

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Street Lights in Winter

Street Lights in Winter

Author: Blizza801
Under lights that lined
roadways to places
i'd never go
Where lived people
i'd never know
I first felt your hair
on my chilled cheak
Numb from the
bitter hungry wind
I could still feel
each strand
touch my skin
Under lights that lined
roadways to places
i'd never go
Where lived people
i'd never know
I first kissed
Your rose frozen
purple covered lips
How sweet the taste
our close embrace
Ice to the touch
of my fingertips
Warm to the touch
of my wanting lips

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Child of the Sun

Child of the Sun

Author: Blizza801
Were we just lost children of the sun?
Loose embers of infinite consciousness
given a piece of time to form
into beings to put a time 
on our peace
What secrets were we after?
In the thrill of the moment
what dark secrets did we hide? 
The belly of the beast
We built a machine we could not escape
Slowly it crept over us
like a snow drift in the wind
What was our sin?
What made us so out of sync
With the rest of our world?
In it all for the 
flight or the fall?
The kill and the love
the fight and the hug
I am just a lost child of the sun
and in the end
who will even remember
my face

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Her Mind Amazing

Her Mind Amazing

Author: Blizza801
Her mind was as amazing as
the big bang
What a sweet thing
I could see her ideas form 
on her facial expressions
exploding in her mind like
a million fire flies
raining down her throat
balancing on her tongue
waiting to be spoke
Her words were 
rivers I bathed in
under the stars
worlds of green eyed tulips
and infinite possibilities
I sat 
crooked smile
forever wanting to be pulled
and deeper
into her mind
where ideas were conceived and born
and infant words
cried for the milk
of a welcoming ear
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That One Winter

That One Winter

Author: Blizza801
The leaves that fall in late November
are tears that I can still remember
All my words could still not mend her
broken heart that burned like embers
We were both just sweet pretenders
As cold as winds that bring December

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Monday, June 22, 2015

Log Zalim Hain

log zalim hain nasheman jala date hain

dhika k sagar ki jhalik zehar pila dete hain

kis tarha tum se karen khatam dosti

tum se mite hi zamane ko bhula dete hain

boy walk with guitar and wine botel in hands

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Child

Author: shadow1950

The child sits in the sun drenched meadow
appearing to stare very intensely afar,
what captures the child's interest?
Nothing that is obvious to any of us.

He seems to be listening intently
is it to the robin who is singing?
The wind brushes across his skin
and he shivers as it touches him.

His mother quietly approaches
gently takes his hand in hers.
He clings tightly and nuzzles her
drawing in her scent to his nostrils.

The sad truth is that this child
is both deaf and blind
no sounds he hears
and no pictures he sees.

He is trapped in a silent world.
And will never see his mothers face.
yet he recognizes her scent
he feels the wind on his skin.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: poetry about love
About this poem:
to be without one sense is hard enough but to be without two must be nearly impossible. I know of all the senses these are the two I would not want to lose.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

We Will Never Be Apart

The feelings that i see when i look at you
The whole scene a dream, too good to be true
The smiles you share, the laughter and joy
So many things at once i want to enjoy
The things you say that make me smile
All makes my lonely days worthwhile
For the days when i finally see your face
The moments we make that can never be replaced
Forever, is the time that i want to be with you
Never letting go, and i know this is true

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bells of an angel rings

Author: darkhorse555

You're a little angel
whom always brings a warm smile
When sunshine flowers
with a radiant glowing beam
carnations blossom
fluttering petals kiss full of joy
happiness a rose
crowning every single word
dances to your sweet melody
To hear your silent heartbeat
within whispers echo
one blessing born
filled with life
flies grace shines
forever and always
feels the warmth grow

Inside one's self
a presence carried by you
on the sweetest soft gentle breeze
When the birds softly sing in the meadows
lifting lashes mirror reflections calming waters

Faith still holds inside beautiful paradise
our eternity embraced upon golden sands
within destiny's dream
touched by your feathers
it's your heart and soul that has wings
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Fri May 22, 2015 12:05 AM

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Be Strong

Author: angel99999

No one can make you sad,
If you've at some point been the saddest!
No one can make you break down,
If you've already been broken!
It's just up to you, 
To make yourself be bold 
In the winds of change....
For you cannot be anything less
If you've been through all these!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sun Nov 30, 2014 9:52 PM
About this poem:
It was written to a friend sometime back...just thought of sharing.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ly gaya nooch kar mujhe sahib

Ly gaya nooch kar mujhe sahib
Jis ko jitni meri zarurat thi

Ly gaya nooch kar mujhe sahib

Tujhe bhool jane ka hosla na hoga

Tujhe bhool jane ka hosla na hoga
Door reh kar b tu juda na hoga
Tujhse mil kar kisi or se kia milna
Koi tere jesa na hai na hoga

Tujhe bhool jane ka hosla na hoga


Author: chisommikelson

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: 7 hours ago

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Your Knight In Shining Armour

Author: GadfIy

If your aching heart's been broken
I can fix it all for free
If your dreams have all been shattered
Just leave everything to me.

If your friend or wayward lover
Has abandoned you, my dear
I will help you to recover
That I promise without fear.

summer rain

Author: lindsyjones

summer it was
when I was found

cold and tired
walking alone
in the rain

the warmth of your touch
made me strong
and made me stand again
on my own

Kitaboo se dalail doo ya khud ko samne rakh doo

Kitaboo se dalail doo ya khud ko samne rakh doo
Wo mujh se puchh betha hai, mohabat kis ko kehte hain

Kitaboo se dalail doo ya khud ko samne rakh doo

Tobah to kar li hai ishq se mager

Tobah to kar li hai ishq se mager
Thora sa zehar la day tabiyat udaas hai

Tobah to kar li hai ishq se mager

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Toot sa gaya hai

Toot sa gaya hai meri chahaton ka wajood "Faraz"
 Ab koi acha bhi lagay to main izhar nahi karta...

Toot sa gaya hai

Monday, May 4, 2015

Khuli Jo Aankh To Wo Tha NA Wo Zamana Tha

Khuli jo aankh to wo tha na wo zamana tha
Dehkti aag thi, tanhayi thi, fasana tha..

Gumon ne baant liya hai mujhe yuon aapes main
ke jaise main koi loota hua khazana tha..

Ye kia chund hi kadmoo pe jhuk ke baith gaye
Tumhain to sath mera door  tak nibhana tha..

Mujhe jo mere lahoo main daboo ke guzra hai
Wo koi ghair nahi yaar ek purana tha..

Khud apne he hath se usko kaat diya
Ke jis taraf pahle ye aashiyaana tha..

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Khuda Jo Mujy DiL Na Deta

Khuda Jo Mujy DiL Na Deta,,,,,
Socho' Tum Kahan Dar Badr Phirty????

Dar Lagta Hai

Dar lagta hai hum ko inn ankhoon se...
Jo naqaab ma reh kr hum pe waar krti hain...


Kashti-e-Jaan To Bhanwar Mein Hai Kayi Barso'n Se
Aye Khuda! Ab To Dabo Dey Ya Kinara Laa Dey...!!

Thursday, April 30, 2015


Teri deed jis ko naseeb, wo naseeb kabil-e-deed hai
Tera bolna meri zindgi, tera dekhna meri Eid hai

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Ya toh mit jaaiye ya mita dijiye
kijiye jab bhi sauda khara kijiye

Ab jafa kijiye ya wafa kijiye
aakhari waqt hai bas dua kijiye

Apne chehre se zulfen hata dijiye
aur phir chaand ka saamana kijiye

Har taraf phool hi phool khil jayenge
aap aise hi hanste raha kijiye

Aap ki ye hansi jaise ghoongharu baje
aur qayaamat hai kya ye bata dijiye
~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Phir Kisi Yaad Ne Hai Raat Bhar Jgaya Mujh Ko

Phir kisi yaad ne hai raat bhar jgaya mujh ko
Kia saza di hai muhabbat ne khudaya mujh ko

Din ko araam hai na raat ko chain hai
Jane kis khak se hai qudrat ne bnaya mujh ko 

Dukh to ye hai zmane mein mile ghair sabhi
Jo mila hai wo mila ban ke praya mujh ko

Jab koi bhi na raha kandha mere roone ko
Ghar ki  dewaaro'n ne seene se lgaya mujh ko

Ab to umeed o wafa tum se nahi hai koi
Phir chraghoo'n ki tarrah kis ne jlaya mujh ko
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Phir kisi yaad ne

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Udaas Hai Koi

in fasloo ki fikar main kiun karo bhala
boht door reh kar bhi mere paas hai koi

iss sooch main dubaa hai boht dayr se mera dil
kia us ke dil main bhi esaa ehsaas hai koi

uss ki nazroo se bana meri sansoo ka tsal'sul
iss tarha se meri zindgi ki aas hai koi

uss ka jo puchhna hai to bas itna hi jaan loo
boht khaas boht khaas boht khaas hai koi

jo ja rahe ho to ye bhi usye kehna
uss ke bina iss shehr main udaaz hai koi
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

udaas hai koi

Tum Bhula Do Mujhe

tum bhula do mujhe ye tumhari apni himat hai
mujh se ye umeed zindgi bhar mat rakhna
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tum Bhula Do Mujhe

Wo Zulam Hi Dhain Gay

ye illm hai wo zulam hi dhaein gay umar bhar
moola tu phir bhi zindgi un ki daraz kar
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

wo zulam hi dhain gay

Naraaz Na Hua Kar

itna bhi hum se naraaz na hua kar
badnaseeb zaroo hain par be'wafa nahi
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

naraaz na hua kar

Yaad Kon Kare Gaa

palkain need se bhojhal zaroor hain lekin
soo gaye hum to tumhain yaad kon kare ga
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Yaad Kon Kare Gaa

Mera Hath Thaam Loo

tum se na kat sake ga andheroo ka ye safar
ab shaam ho rahi hai mera hath thaam loo
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mera Hath Thaam Loo

Hum Udaas Bethye Hain

munn ki ujree basti ka hum se ziker mat karo
hum udaas bethye hain ye nagar basa kar bhi
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

hum udaas bethye hain

Har Shakhs Nahi Hota

har shakhs nahi hota har shakhs ke qabil
har shakhs ko apne liye socha nahi karte
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

har shakhs nahi hota