Thursday, September 24, 2015

A September Day Tribute ( 911 )

Author: godsprincess
It’s happening again this September
The echo of the cries of 3,000 souls
So very difficult in mind’s eye to remember
The emotional drain each year takes a toll

The sights and sounds of buildings falling
Trying to fly like birds on the wind
Tortures the souls of those remaining
Wishing the memories would be dimmed

The definition of 911 forever changed
Heroes and murderers were born that day
Each in their own way coming to fame
Both facing burning Hell come what may

The murderers are still there to this day
Leaving others with tortuous memories
The Heroes were able to fly away
Facing Hell they left legendary stories

Stories revisited each and every year
For some these stories are of brave men and women
Others the memories still recreate the fear
As each of these visions is summoned

For me I think of 3,000 new stars in the sky
Each one winking at me from above
As I look at them way up high
I send each and every one of them my love
The 911 stories


  1. Wonderful post! Have a nice day:)

    1. Thanks for your read! Keep visiting :)