Thursday, September 24, 2015

Reflection Pool

Author: godsprincess

Roses floating in a pool of sorrow
A pool reflecting no more tomorrows
Sadness gripping all those around
Loved ones gone no more to be found

Every year they gather to remember
What happened on the 11th of September
Memories of horror and fear
Watching from afar the deaths of their dears

Helplessness and anguish prevailed
The air was filled with mourning wails
The children of the beloved wished revenge
In honor of those who were dead

Years and Years have passed since that day
Many more have died far away
Revenge has not taken away the tears
Nor the memories of the fear

Beautiful blue sky and crisp fall breeze
Reminds us every Fall with a cruel tease
Of that fateful day many years ago
When evil visited and left a big hole in our souls

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